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S*x with the Dead, Hiring of Mourners to Cry & More: Mortuary Proprietor Makes Mind-blogging Revelations


Speaking in an exclusive interview with Vanguard newspaper, an Arochukwu-born mortician, Kalu Ben Chima, popularly called Emeka Ambulance, whose mortuary is located along Ikom-Calabar highway, has made some revelations over questions people often ask in the industry which he
ply his trade.

Below are excerpts from the chat; On corpses still having spiritual powers: “The corpses may be dead, but they still possess some spiritual powers to protect themselves.

We have about 100 corpses right now and 18 abandoned ones, but we keep the place open, both day and night, without any security and anybody, who attempts to do anything funny by going there to steal or do anything has himself to blame”. On s*x with the dead, a deadly affair:
“Do not think that because she is lying down there, she is finished and you can go and have s*x with her. You will die also in a matter of hours or days and how can
someone sell body parts of a corpse or later used in washing a corpse, such water is poisonous.
People die from different ailments such as HIV/AIDS, and water used in washing theirbodies is poisonous and any person who uses it will either die or contact sickness.”
On some corpses not allowing others to lie near them: “Some powerful people do not allow other dead bodies to lie close to them, so in the night, they will remove other bodies near them and dump them far from where they are or they would go to an isolated place and lie there – all dead bodies are not the same, which is why we knock before we enter there.”

On the rented crowd of women who engage in bogus weeping when a person dies: “Some people do not have people to cry for them when they die, so they will
arrange with us while they are alive to get some women to cry during their burial and also, some people because they are polygamist would arrange with us to organize the casket, grave, and mortuary services so that when they die, there will be no struggle among family members on who to do what and so on.”

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