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How to get 1000 naira airtime with just 50 naira!



Have you ever been out of airtime and would not be able to reach out to your family, friends or colleagues when you are in  remote places? Have you ever been cut off from a business deals and can’t continue due to lateness to time and can’t get hold of recharge cards? Have you ever bought airtime from your neighbourhood stores and got compensated for it? Well, here is a miracle! You don’t need to stand in long queue just to recharge your phone! You get rewards for purchasing airtime!

This app offers mostly 3 rewards;
1. 1000 Naira guaranteed for registering and buying your first recharge.
2. 50% Airtime added to  any denomination you purchase.
3. 100% Airtime added to  any denomination you purchase as long as its above 500 naira.


So to enjoy these offers, follow these instructions accordingly:

Step1. Download zoto from play store or from Apple Store or use this link to download.

Step 2 Install Zoto on your phone.

Step 3 Input phone number inside Zoto and verify it through call or via sms.

Step 4 Input your personal details and mark I have a referral code.

Step 5 Very important, type EJIKEU1 as ur ref code. If not you would not get the bonus! Then click continue.

Step 6 Recharge your line with 50# and pay with your atm card (virgin on zoto). Then check your email inbox for the notification of ur 1000# airtime after your successful recharge. The Airtime will show in d app within 30mins. Don’t worry, the app is verified and wouldn’t tamper with your bank account.

Should in case you have doubts, please kindly do a research and seek for a comprehensive review of the app.


For offers, click on Offers then select among the various offers as you see fit to copy the code. Go back to the home where you purchase airtime. after filling the spaces with the number you are sending the airtime to, then choose  dealer (MTN, Airtel,…etc) Then the amount you are recharging. Then click on apply coupon code. Paste the codes you copied earlier.







How to get 1000 naira airtime with just 50 naira!

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