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Why Is S3x Important In A Relationship: 8 Reasons Why You Should Do It More Often [Get In Here]


Sometimes people underrate
s3x and most times people overrate it, but we can all
agree that it’s very important
in a relationship (shout out to people in celibate
relationships, you’re the real mvp). Believe it or not GOOD s3x can solve a lot of problems
when it comes to relationships, if you and your boo have a nasty fight and just like that you give him the hump of his life chances are he’s going to
forgive you.

Same way if a woman
complains that you don’t give her enough attention and you mount her like it’s your last, she’s probably going to wake
up glowing and smiling.

Anyways here are some very important things that happen when you have regular s3x with your boo.

1. IT ENCOURAGES BETTER COMMUNICATION: When you s3xually open up to someone you also open up to them emotionally. When you have frequent s*x, you allow
yourself to be open and
honest with your partner. This encourages communication.
and we all know how much bad communication hinders a relationship.
When you feel secure in yourself you also feel secure
in your relationship. Higher self esteem means you aren’t
as jealous, and you won’t
require a ridiculous amount of attention from your significant other. Both of which often
lead to the demise of a healthy relationship quickly.

By have regular s*x you’re reducing stress for each other.
You keep your stress levels
low enough to make the relationship happy and healthy. The next time your partner is feeling stressed, help them relax!

4. IT INCREASES FEELING OF BEING APPRECIATED: Those who feel unappreciated in a relationship have a tendency to seek that appreciation elsewhere. In other words, unhappy partners leave if they don’t feel very appreciated. Having s3x with them frequently is basically your way of telling them how much you appreciate them.

5. STOPS RELATIONSHIP FROM DRYING UP: By ”drying up,” I simply mean that relationships get boring from time to time. If you don’t have s3x this will happen much faster. When someone is bored they usually look somewhere else for entertainment, and this could mean away from you if your
s*x life isn’t top-notch. Don’t
let your relationship get so
boring and predictable. Keep
your partner engaged with
some fun, hot, freaky s*x, and
they’ll never look elsewhere
again. S3x can save your
relationship from ending
simply because it’s fun.

6. IT REMINDS YOU OF WHY YOU LOVE EACH OTHER: S3x is so important in a relationship because you remember why you love each other. You go to
a place where there’s nothing else to think about except for them and how much you care about them.

7. AIDS YOU IN SLEEPING BETTER: I, for one, love
nothing more than taking a
nice long nap after having s3x
or even passing out for the
night right after a great romp
in the sheets. S3x helps you
sleep better! When I have been sleeping great I’m usually in a much better mood. Something that helps stave off frequent arguments.

8. GIVES YOU SOMETHING FUN TO DO: There’s nothing like staying in on a weekend night wrapped around each other
and forgetting about the world. Having s3x is important in a relationship because it gives the two of you something productive to do instead of getting into arguments.

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