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my lovely houseboy



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My lovely houseboy

My lovely Houseboy” and the Second “The
Of My lovely Houseboy” It was a pleasant
morning, and its just been a week since my
twentieth birthday, I heard a voice from upstairs,
Shade! Shade!, ah, it was my dad, (he is going to
london for a business trip, and I’m on holidays,
my mom travelled to dubai last week and won’t
be coming home for a long time, and now my
is also leaving… ) Yes daddy, I answered. Dad:
Shade, as I told you earlier, I’ll be travelling to
london to spend some days there, I know you’ll
be left alone and you’ll miss me and your mom,
its for the best, we need to upgrade our
and increase the demanding rate by our
customers. Me: (I don’t even understand what
he’s saying) okay dad with a smile on my
Dad: okay, before I forget, Tunde our
house boy will be looking after the house, Tunde!
Tunde! He shouted. ——Tunde walked
in——– Tunde: Yes sir, I’m here sir looking
Dad: You will follow all what she will
tell you, you’ll also not fail or disobey her orders
unless you want to sleep in cell Tunde: ah yes
I’ll not fail you sir Dad: okay Shade, I’ll be on my
way Me: okay bye dad.. I love you dad, safe
journey i said smiling as his driver came and
drove him off*** My father had reached the
airport when he called me saying he is about to
leave, I then prayed on the phone for him and he
hanged up telling me to take good care of my
Self. Immediately I called my boyfriend, I asked
him to come over to my place that my father had
now travelled, I waited for hours and was just
staring at my wrist watch when tunde showed up
putting on a short boxer and a singlet.
*****Tunde was a student at the university of
lagos, doing computer science, he’s fairly tall,
slim and muscular with a dark complexion, he
speaks good english and from my dad’s theory,
he needed to raise enough money to pay his
school fees and buy a new laptop of about
200,000naira for his project in school. Being a
house boy or girl for our family can fetch a huge
fortune, and tunde was lucky because my dad
knew his parents so well***** Tunde: Shade,
what will you like to eat for the afternoon? Me:
***Staring at his muscular and sxy body

Nothing! Don’t disturb me okay? Tunde: I’m
sorry, I can see you’re sad by the departure of
dad, accept my apology miss shade Me: Apology
accepted, leave now jare…. ****even if i
abroad, I still knew a little yoruba, and i noticed
he smiled when i included “Jare” to my
sentence*** I was still very worried as its almost
getting late and i haven’t seen any sign of my
boyfriend, as he told me he’ll come visiting and
come spend some intimate time with me
sounds funny but I’m still a virgin at 20 my9jarocks.info I
waited a couple of hours and bang! My phone
ranged… Boyfriend: hello sweetheart Me: why
honey, I’ve waited decades for you to come over,
what’s keeping you boo? Boyfriend: honey, I got
caught up with some important stuffs, and you
know my dad came and he needs me to help him
arrange some important docments. Me: aww
why now! Your dad is really getting between us.
Boyfriend: Honey g2g now my dad is here
Cuts the call Ah, I felt really bad and
worried, its been a long time since I really talked
with him, he was literally mad at me after I
refused to have s
x with him, but it seemed he
has gotten past all that. I decided to go see him
myself, I carried the car key, entered the car and
Drove off to his house, I horned, and the
yelled, “oga no wan see anybody today o…” I
guessed he did not see my car, he just shouted
out of ignorant… I yelled back “Musa! Musa!
Open the gate” Musa: oh, madam shade, I no
know sey na you Me: you’d better not known, as
drove and parked my motor vehicle I spotted his
car, I asked the gate man; Me: musa, is my
boyfriend around?

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part 2
I woke up yawning and stretching, my body, I
opened my eyes, I did my prayers, took unto my
slippers and went to the bathroom, took my
toothbrush and Tunde had already made
breakfast I went to the dinning and eat in the
same table with
Tunde, he was sitting directly opposite me
I was still strained by the heart break my
boyfriend had caused the previous day I didn’t
even answer him when he said good morning, I
felt fatigue and a huge
loss of appetite that made me eat little. But
Tunde was eating like a hungry lion.
Tunde: you enjoy the food right?
Me: No! Tunde: its really nice, I think you’re not
feeling too well, the chicken is really great.
Me: Na you sabi remembering the incident
night that someone had covered me with a

Me: Who covered me a blanket last night?
Tunde: I did. I saw you felt cold and folded your
body so tight, so I thought I might help by
covering you the blanket.
Me: hmmm I felt cared for, when he said that,
but isn’t he crossing his boundary?

Me: don’t try that next time, okay? You know my
father will not take it lightly if he were to find
you really did that. Let it not repeat itself, is that
Tunde: Crystal clear sir, I mean madam
Me: ahaha, you’re a real funny boy, but you need
to understand that I don’t like being played with
okay? my9jarocks.info
Tunde: Okay.
i stood up and took the toothpicks, as I got
chicken meat hooked all over my teeth

I was a bit bored that day, my father had called
earlier and asked how I was faring, after so
phone conversation he decided to hang up. I was
bored and went
to Tunde’s room to call him and ask if he could
play chess which I’m sure he can, I walked down
the stairs after failed attempts of him being
available, I walked through and I entered his
without knocking, surprisingly i saw him Unclad!!!
I quickly shut the door… And stood outside
his door
Me: oh, I’m sorry, I’m really sorry about this okay
Tunde: there’s nothing to worry about, its my
fault really, I left the door opened
He quickly wore his boxer and opened the

Me: okay, i just came to find out if you can play
chess with me?
Tunde: why not… he dressed up quickly
We went to the parlour, played chess and
with, I thought to myself, “I think I’m falling in
love with this guy”, he played better than me, as
he played he kept on staring at me till I don’t
know how I kissed him.

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Everything happened so fast that day, I could still
see shock in his face as he was so puzzled how
could give him such a warm kiss, you know I
haven’t really given any chance to my Ex and i
think its all my fault we broke up, Tunde was
surprised that a girl like me with high standard
and influence will bring herself so low to that
level, anyway, it wasn’t really my fault i felt
strained and depressed following my hectic and
bad day that all started from my fathers
departure.. I moved to the refrigerator, brought
out some water and drank a bit of it, I went
outside the living room since facebook can be
very boring sometimes, I decided to put my
headphones and play chris brown song, the
“Loyal” track is always my favourite I listened to
it for a while, then I heard footsteps of someone
approaching, who else it was Tunde! Tunde:
Excuse me, can i talk to you for a moment
please? Me: yes go on… Tunde: what you did
when we were playing Chess, what was it for?
Me: I’m sorry, I lost control, I’m now starting to
feel I’m in love with you. Tunde: Hmmm, your
father will kill me if he were to find out please I’d
appreciate if you pretend nothing happened.. Me:
Chillax, its just me and you, No One will suspect
anything, you see, I’m a Virgin on hearing this,
he looked calmed
and I just broke up with my
boyfriend, I love you, for your uniqueness,
gentility, and calmness. Tunde: hmm, I love you
too, but don’t you feel you will be taking a big
risk!? Me: I moved closer to him, I held his
hand and he felt a bit shy, and he couldn’t resist
me, I had all the physical qualities of a diva, my
curvy shape, my nicki minaj butt and all that

Tunde, I’m in love with you can’t you see that?
Come here let me show you something. i
carried him to my bedroom, he looked worried, I
tried my best to contain him and make him feel
We sat down, and i told him how
my previous day had been, we discussed for a
while, and we turned on the television and
watched a movie for quite a long while, I told
how I broke up with my previous boyfriend, and
he encouraged me and gave me some very good
piece of advice, I was beginning to feel
comfortable with him, I even leaned on his lap,
and slept off, that night we slept in the same
it was a warm night, I really enjoyed his close
relationship with me only at that point in time,
he’s really handsome. Early in the money, around
6am, I woke up, breakfast was already prepared,
and my friend Tobi called and told me she’ll be
coming to visit, Tunde was outside, doing some
sanitation when my friend tobi came in. Tobi:
wow, shade, you’re looking good, what’s the
secret? Me: its God oh… Tobi: okay sha, who’s
that handsome guy working outside? Me: its our
house boy oh, he just watches over the house…
Tobi: hmm, he’s cute oh, for a house boy,
introducing him to me, I think I should hook up
with him he seems cool though’ This made me
irritated, if she wasn’t my friend I would have
given her a dirty slap, but you know, I had to
pretend as if nothing was going on between me
and him
She still insisted I introduced him to
her… I felt upset but i really had no choice than
to do as she asked so i allowed her to talk to
him. And she was getting too serious, she started
touching him and Tunde felt comfortable with it,
he did not even complain, they exchanged phone
numbers and i was just sitting next to my
popcorn pretending to be watching a movie, and
when ever they made a joke i will just put a
sacarstic look on my face i will pretend to
until I felt so uncomfortable and jealous
I had to leave the sitting room, before my friend
had left, she came to my room and told me how
she admired tunde, I looked at her and I sighed. I
then wore something, and escorted her outside
the gate…. But she kept on coming, and these
time with new cloths she bought for Tunde… To
be continued here at my9jarocks.info

Me: who did you buy those cloths for? Tobi:
Tunde of course! Me: Why? Did he tell you he
needed any of those? Tobi: hmmm, can’t I buy
gifts again? Me: hmmmmm feeling Slightly
*****Tunde cuts in, I never knew he
could be such a womaniser, or didn’t he love me
anymore like he said??****** Tunde: welcome
tobi, I missed you a lot hugs Tobi: I missed
you too, I bought this stuffs for you, I hope you’d
like them? Tunde: wow, this is so nice of you,
what can I do to repay you? Tobi: nothing can be
greater than two happy lovers chuckles Me:
hmmm, I’ll be going out to the store, see you
guys later i walked away open the car door
closed it with force and drove off…
what’s wrong with her, did anyone upset her?
Tunde: ah, i don’t know, maybe she woke up on
the wrong side of her bed… Tobi: hmmm let’s go
inside. ***I drove to a nearby eatery, and sat for
while and ordered for hamburger and a can of
malt, coincidentally, i saw, my Ex boyfriend
with another girl, it disgusted me, I had to rush
my food and I payed the waitress and left that
vicinity immediately,.. I was a bit relieved and I
decided to drive around town for a while to kill
time, so I can go spend quality time with Tunde
as soon as that Traitor that claims to be my
friend leaves the house, so I drove for about an
hour, something immediately added to my
thoughts, I decided to buy tunde my own special
gift and a laptop for that matter, isn’t that what
he has been expecting? So I drove to the ATM
and tried to cash out enough money to purchase
the laptop, but the ATM was like a pin in my
so I went straight to the bank and redrawn the
money, that money was part of my savings, my
father usually deposited enough money monthly
for me. Tunde told me earlier that he loved Hp
products so I went to a laptop/tech shop and
bought a new laptop. worth 130,000NGN, and
drove home delighted to surprise my boo!, I
home horned at the gate, the gate man opened
the gate, I saw my friends car still parked in the
compound, I was surprised what she was still
doing in my house upto this hour, maybe she’s
watching MTV or so, but I was furious and was
going to use some deceptive techniques to chase
her out of my house, I parked the car, walked
straight at the house, and opened the door,
nobody was there, I kept quiet, and walked to my
room, and opened the door! Oh my God!!!! I found
Tunde and Tobi completely Naked………… To be
continued.. Watch for episode 5 at my9jarocks.info

I felt like I’ve been pierced by a very sharp
finding Tunde and my besty naked in bed? It was
terrifying***** Me: What the hell is going on
Tobi: I can explain, I can explain, reduce your
voice before someone hears please Me: I can’t
believe this, how could you bring yourself so low
to engage in this profane act in my own fathers
house? Huh? And you tunde speak up? Justify
yourself, what do you have to say? Tunde: eh its
the devils work (he stammered) Me: Tobi, leave
my house, from today, you cease to be my friend,
Get out! (I yelled) Tobi: it’s not over yet, he’s
mine okay, and I love him, we did nothing
*****she quickly took her bag and dressed
and left, leaving me and Tunde alone****** Me:
Tunde, why did you have to do this, despite my
love for you? Tunde: I’m sorry. Me: Sorry? You’re
just sorry? You’ve totally made me start a beef
with my best friend and I now hate my childhood
friend. Tunde: hmmm, he came close to me and
started wiping my tears…. I love her okay. Me:
what? You still have the nerve to say that? Come
here is she better than me? *****i removed my
blouse and tried to seduce him while I hung my
hands around his neck***** Tunde: enough okay
save your virginity for someone better, I’m sick
and tired of you telling me what to do okay? Just
stop. Me: hmmm don’t make me hate you, after
all you are nothing, just a good for nothing house
boy!****i still Felt surprise cos I’ve never seen
this version of him before***** Tunde: Thanks for
the compliment Me: I’m calling my dad and I’m
going to tell him everything Tunde: go ahead! I’m
not your child okay. Me: ****I got very sad I held
his leg**** Tunde, I love you more than you can
ever imagine, I went to buy you the new laptop
you were saving for and I felt really devastated
seeing you with my best friend, please stay with
me, I’ve never felt heartbreak before please don’t
do this to me ****tears rolled down my cheek****
Tunde: you deserve better, am not good enough
for you. And I can never love you, I’ll be stabbing
your dad in his back if I do. ******he opened the
door with force and swerved away***** Me: I felt
shame and pained and wondered why he will
refuse a beautiful girl like me so I followed him
and as I was bout to enter his room I heard him
make a phone call. Tunde: hello sir, I’m glad to
serve you, but plans have changed, I’ll be
traveling to town tomorrow and I wish to resign. I
hope you find someone as trustworthy.. Okay, I’ll
receive the alert thank you, goodbye.

More at my9jarocks.info

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