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[Story] Life as a corper (Episode 151 – 200 Final Episode)



[Story] Life as a corper (Episode 151 – 200 Final Episode)

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Read as Val finally graduates from the university and steps up his wild life with more dangerous Adventures… If you miss the previous episodes, get them here;
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I was about falling asleep when mum walked into my room, switched on the lights and sat on my bed. I quickly sat up, rubbed my eyes and yawned.

“i still find it hard to believe all Adaora said about you is true. What is actually happening, don’t you like her anymore?” she asked seriously. I stared into her eyes and felt bad. She really was suffering over my despicable behaviour.

“please mum stop worrying yourself. This is my problem, i’m in on this alone, i have to bear the cross alone. Please go to bed it’s past ten already. Please” i pleaded. But she shook her head and folded her hands.

“i want to hear your side of the story. I won’t be able to sleep until i get to the bottom of this matter. I have never seen Adaora look so troubled and upset. I need you to tell me everything. Please” she begged, but i couldn’t say a word.

“how do i open my mouth and tell her that i was having an affair with Tessy. A lady with children”.
“How do i confirm that it was the despicable act that broke up my relationship with Adaora”. I wondered.

It’s true Tessy never did confirm anything to Adaora, and I knew her story was all based on assumptions, but still even a blind Judge could convict me, judging from the events that led to the final show down. I had no solution whatsoever for my problems. Composing another lie could make things more terrible, unless Adaora simple feels like giving me another chance, by pretending to buy my lie. I reasoned

“you totally disappointed me. hope you know Aids is real?” mum asked after some minutes, interrupting my thoughts. I looked away and closed my eyes. Not only was i ashamed of myself, i equally was lost and confused.

“Adaora will always be my choice. I don’t regret giving her my heart. I have nothing else to say. Goodnight” she murmured and left, leaving me alone with my conscience.

I tried to sleep, but couldn’t. I tried calming my nerves by listening to music but i still found myself tossing on my bed. I entered the bathroom, took a quick shower, freshened up and went to Adaora’s room. I was surprised to find her awake, doing something on her laptop. She quickly frowned as soon as she saw me, closed the computer and drew back on her bed.

“what are you doing here?” she asked, throwing a nervous glance at me.

“i came to talk, i can’t sleep, not with everything going on” i murmured,

“your guilt will kill you. You havn’t seen anything yet” she replied angrily.

” Adaora” i called,

“don’t call me. I have made my decision. You choosed that old hag over me and i have left your life. Please leave my room or i will scream. Trust me i will” she threatened angrily. I stepped back and swallowed hard.

“don’t destroy us” i begged,

“you already did” she replied and got up from the bed. Tears surprisingly fell from her eyes as she stared at me.
“just leave my room please” she muttered, pushing me out of her room.

I spent the rest of the night thinking and regretting. I couldn’t believe i had lost my princess, my jewel, my flower bomb. “oh no” i cried.

I woke up the next day with a very high fever. I couldn’t move myself nor get out of the bed. My head ached, my lips were sour. I was very down and sick.

Mum came into my room later in the morning to check up on me.

“val” she called, but i couldn’t answer,

“val” she called again and got no response. She drew close and sat on my bed, feeling my temperature with her palm.

“chie!” she instantly screamed, drawing Adaora’s attention. She quickly ran into my room and stared at her.

“Val is very sick ooo” mum explained. Adaora scoffed and drew closer.

“are you sure he isn’t pretending?” she asked, feeling my body temperature with her palms.

“hmmm his body temperature is really on the high side. This is no pretence” she murmured, sitting on the edge of the bed.

“I guess it’s malaria, it has been long he last took malaria pills” mum said to her.

“so what do we do?” Adaora asked,

“i’ll go get some malaria drugs. I pray it helps oo, else we will have no choice than to take him to a hospital” she replied and stood up, while Adaora shrugged.

“i also don’t know how i’ll make him eat before taking the drugs” mum complained as she left the room.

Just like she feared, i refused to eat anything that morning, and only managed to take the drugs. Adaora surprisingly stayed with me after i had taken the pills, even though she did nothing than taunt me.

“you havn’t seen anything yet. Mum thinks it’s malaria or something, but i know it’s guilt mtcheew” she hissed.
I couldn’t argue with her nor say anything because i just couldn’t. I silently endured all she said. An opportunity she used to pour out her anger on me.

At a point, i couldn’t endure anymore, i managed to bring up my right hand which i placed on her laps,

“please it’s okay” i begged. My plea sort of calmed her down. She never muttered any annoying comment after that. She simply sat quietly for few minutes before leaving the room.

By 7pm, i was a bit okay, even though i still felt empty, dull and weak. Adaora came into my room again, this time bearing a plate of fried eggs.

“mum isn’t happy that you havn’t eaten anything today. I forced myself to make this for you, even though you don’t deserve it” she said and sat on my bed. I weakly sat up with a smile,

“this is a good opportunity to make peace with her” i reasoned hopefully.

“you better cut that smile off. I know what your thinking, but i’m sorry mister, it’s never going to happen” she said seriously, Killing my hopes.

“i have known you almost all my life. We virtually grew up together even though you weren’t very friendly with me back then, So i do know you well Val. You know Sometimes i played along with you simply because i never wanted to wound my heart and not because i believed you. Most of the tricks you played on me, never would have worked had i not purposely fallen for them. I didn’t tell your mum about Tessy’s kids nor that she was once married because the news would kill her. Just take a look at yourself, evaluate your life and tell yourself the truth. I didn’t leave this relationship because i want to, but because i had to. I’m really sorry for you, seriously i’m” she poured out before trying to feed me.
My eyes lit up happily, i heaved a sigh of relief. I was extremely relieved to hear that she didn’t tell mum everything about Tessy, which really was what scared me the most.

“Thanks for not telling mum all you know about Tessy. I owe you one” i managed to say.

“you owe me alot, but lets not talk about it. You are now a closed chapter in my life. I will be leaving the country immediately i’m done with NYSC. I know what i want in life, but i don’t know for you. You are a very confused boy, who is lucky to have what others are praying to have” she summarized. But before i could say anything, my phone rang. She reached for it, stared at the screen and smiled.

“like not storing Tessy’s phone number in your phone. You thought i wouldn’t know. Here is your phone, hope you can answer?, she’s the person calling” she murmured with a naughty smile as she gave me my ringing phone.

“am i really a confused boy?” hmmm Adaora.



Out of respect for Adaora. I enabled my mobile “loud speaker” in order for her to easily listen to my conversation with Tessy.

“what’s up, where are you?” Tessy greeted and asked,

“i’m in my room, seriously sick and upset” i murmured weakly,

“no wonder your voice is so faint” she said calmly,

“please can we talk later?, i really don’t have enough strength right now” i begged.

“okay, no wahala, good night. God is your strength” she prayed and hung up. Adaora scoffed and shook her head.

“she’s really sweet, isn’t she?” i heard her ask. I breathed deeply and said nothing.
She never said anything about Tessy again, instead concentrated on feeding me, which she did very well.

“why are you doing this?” i finally asked minutes later. She stared at me searchingly and drew back a bit.

“doing what?” she asked. I looked at the plate she was holding and smiled.

“oops, please don’t get any strange ideas into your head. I just felt like helping. That’s all” she seriously replied.

By sunday morning, i woke up alot better. I actually woke around 2am that fateful morning, unable to sleep again. I started working on my stories, writing, editing and saving. It really kept me busy till 5:45am when Adaora walked into my room, fully dressed in her outing clothes.

“good morning” she greeted and sat on the edge of my bed.

“i’m about returning to Abuja, though i first will stop at home to see my mum” she informed me. I felt very sad hearing the news she brought. I thought she was going to stay few more days with us.

“i never knew your mum is in town” i murmured. She shrugged and forced out a smile.

“how is your health?” she asked,

“i’m alot better, thanks for asking and thanks for everything” i murmured painfully,

“i guess it’s our final goodbye, or will you be spending the christmas with us?” i asked,

“no not after what happened between us. I will be spending much of my time with my family from now onwards” she replied.

“yea you are right. It won’t be wise staying with us after everything that has happened” i agreed unhappily. She breathed deeply, stood up and turned to leave.

“please wait” i instantly pleaded, jumped out of the bed, drew close and kissed her softly.

“i have nothing else to offer as a parting gift. Since mum couldn’t reconcile us, i find it hard to accept that your mind is made up. I’ll forever miss you” i said painfully. She broke away from me and looked away.

“you always say the nicest things, but please save them for another girl, i’m tired of hearing them” she replied,

“but i also have an awful thing to say” i murmured, drawing her curiousity with my comment. She raised up her face and stared into my eyes.

“i havn’t brushed this morning, and i kissed you with a dirty mouth” I smiled. She eyed me, pinching my jaw.

“that’s what you always do. Dirty boy” she faintly smiled and left my room without another word.

I felt like crying as she left the house with mum minutes later. “it’s all over” I cried.

Mum returned an hour later, looking tired and unhappy.
“we have lost a good girl. Adaora is gone” she murmured unhappily, while I felt like disappearing.

“can your mind truly be at rest when your beloved is gone?”

I was about dialling Adaora’s phone number when a text {message} entered my phone. It was from Chinwe.
I breathed deeply and opened it eagerly. It really has been long i last heard from her. Infact i truly had forgotten she even existed due to my problems.

“you don’t care to call anymore. I hope you are fine?. My final year examination starts tomorrow. Please wish me luck” her text read. I smiled and dialled her phone number immediately.

“i never sent the text to bother you, i wasn’t expecting you to call me” Chinwe sweetly said as soon as she answered my phone call.

“how then do you expect me to wish you the luck you asked for huh?” i laughed,

“go jare” she murmured.

“so how many papers will you be writing tomorrow and when will your final exam hold?” i asked,

“i have only one exam tomorrow, the next and the day after. But on thursday we have two exams and none on friday. The following wednesday, i will write two more and graduate” she answered excitedly.

“wow best wishes dear. I know you already have all the lucks in the world” i said happily,

“do you think so?” she laughed,

“yes of course. I think i’ll be there tomorrow to see you before exam starts. By what time is tomorrow’s exam starting?” i asked.

“by 12noon” she replied.

“fine, i will be at your lodge before 8am tomorrow” i informed her happily.

I tried calling Adaora after speaking with Chinwe, just to know her whereabout. She refused to answer my calls, instead sent me a text {message} minutes later.
“please stop bothering me. It will do us no good” she sent.

It broke my heart to read the message she sent. I felt really bad, but had no choice than to endure and hope for a better future.

As early as 6am the next day, i set out for owerri with many thoughts in my mind. Mum had a hard time allowing me to leave, especially as i insisted on leaving with dad’s car instead of mine.

“i really don’t know what has gotten into you. I can’t control you anymore. God help you” she murmured as i drove out.

I got to Owerri on time, precisely at 8:15am, and headed straight to chinwe’s lodge.

“wow Val, i can’t believe my eyes” Chinwe screamed as she hugged me.

“so how have you been doing?” i asked after settling down on her bed.

“my studies are going fine, i have no pending carryover to write” she replied happily.

“so how about your mum and siblings?” i asked,
“hmmm, they are all fine. Hunger is their only problem” she joked.

I spent an hour with her, discussing and jumping from one topic to another. I really was very happy to see her, even though she wasn’t looking as sharp as she used to be. At first i thought it was the final year school stress, but after she opened up to me. I discovered she really was going through a hard time.
I found out she was just trying hard to patch things up and graduate, because her mum who was her sole provider wasn’t supporting her like she used to. Business wasn’t going well for her anymore {remember her shop was moved}.

“my dear things really is so difficult for me right now. My project supervisor is even on my neck because of 12k{twelve thousand naira}, he is demanding from everyone” she concluded with a sigh.

“so how about that guy you are dating, what’s his name again?” i asked curiously,

“which guy? Forget that idi.ot jare. I thought i told you about him, the last time you came? We arn’t dating anymore” she replied.

“you know i love helping you. But i don’t know why you always find it hard to ask for my help” i murmured,

“you have helped me alot. This room, most of the things in it, all the money you have given me. No no no, you have done enough already. I can’t bother you again” she replied with a coloured face.

“chinwe you know our story isn’t just a kiss and tell story. We have come a long way” i spoke sincerely with all my heart. She looked up at me with a very sad face, her eyes coloured with unshed tears.

“you also have wronged me Val. Let’s not go there please” she spoke out unhappily, smashing my broken heart with her piercing words.

“you are right, let’s not bring back old memories. It won’t do us any good” i murmured and looked away.

“i really went through a lot for your sake. Was it the gossips, the humiliations, the curses, the uncountable insults i recieved on your behalf” she spoke sadly, breathed deeply and held her head {with her right hand}. Her words quickly brought back the memories i fought hard to bury after our break-up.

“stop punishing yourself, did i do wrong by coming here?” i asked softly, drawing closer to hold her. She rubbed her eyes and forced out a smile.

“don’t mind me jare, you know sometimes we girls do act unmaturedly. I never intended to make you uncomfortable” she apologized.

“it’s alright, i have to start heading to my PPA” i laughed and stood up,

“i will bring the money your supervisor is demanding on thursday evening, so please cheer up dear. I’ll always be there for you” i promised.
Her eyes quickly lip up with happiness, she got up and hugged me.

“how do i thank you?. You just took a heavy burden off my chest. I must tell my mum right away, you can’t imagine how relieved she will be” she poured out happily.

“i havn’t yet given you the money, wait till i do, moreover i don’t think you mum will still remember me” i murmured nervously. She broke away from me, and reached for her phone which was lying on the bed.

“we do talk about you sometimes. How can she forget you?” she happily asked as she dialled her mum’s phone number. I stood quietly and watched her. I really wasn’t comfortable with what she was doing, because i knew her mum would like to speak with me, something i wasn’t really prepared for.

“mum wants to thank you” she said a minuter later, after having a little conversation with her mother. I breathed deeply, took the phone and placed it on my ear.

“Thanks alot my son, i know you will never turn your back on us. God will reward you ten-fold. What more can i say?” the good old lady said excitedly,

“mum you have said enough, moreover your daughter also did alot for me” i murmured innocently.

“i’ll be travelling to the village this coming friday, and i will very much love to see you. Please it’s very important, can you make out time to visit?” she asked. I swallowed hard and stared at chinwe, our eyes met, she smiled and looked away. {I felt somehow}.

“yea mum i will make it, you have never demanded anything from me. So i can’t refuse” i accepted.

“perfect my son. I’m more than happy” she said happily. I smiled and handed over the phone to chinwe, who spoke with her for a while before facing me.

“i still feel the pain of losing you, even though breaking up with you still remains the best decision i ever took. Thanks for everything” she confessed and hugged me again.

I left her room a different person. I really couldn’t understand myself nor how i felt inside and I also couldn’t help but wonder why her mum was so keen on seeing me.

No matter what it was and how i felt. I promised myself never to take advantage of Chinwe’s good heart ever again. I wasn’t ready to jump into another romance with her, because i knew i still haboured a restless spirit which could leave the poor innocent girl in a more terrible state than she was.

“Will i really keep the promise i made to myself?? Oh Val


I headed straight to my PPA from Chinwe’s lodge, and busied myself with work as soon as i got there. I kept thinking about Adaora, wondering how she was faring and how my destiny will be after losing her in such undignified manner.

As soon as our school dismissed for the day, i quickly searched for Jenny, finding her at the staff room, where she was busy going through some books. She forced out a smile as she saw me.

“how far?, arn’t you going back to the lodge yet?” i asked. She shrugged, neatly arranged the books under her table, stood up and nodded at me.

“very well then, let’s start going” i murmured polietly.

Later in the evening, precisely at 5pm, i took her to a small bush bar at a neighbouring village, where we relaxed with plates of pepper soup, washed down with malt{drinks}. She really was extremely surprised over my behaviour.

“please tell me what’s going on?, first you arrived this morning with a big car, acting all nice and friendly. Then you Searched for me after school, which you havn’t done in a while, now this. Tell me what’s going on please?” she asked curiously. I smiled and shrugged.

“i know lately i have been treating you badly, most especially last week. I transferred all my anger and bitterness to you, which shouldn’t be. I brought you here to apologize. I really do value your friendship alot” i opened up quietly. She smiled and stared into my eyes, saying nothing.

“and about the s-x thing. It’s something that shouldn’t have happened between us. I prefer you more as a friend. I pray you understand, because i’m scared of getting s#xually entangled with you, which could cause serious damages and perhaps change your destiny. I made the mistake once with a girl who happened to be my neighbour’s girlfriend and we are still paying the price. Believe me it’s really terrible. There comes a time when a man thinks not only of s-x” i murmured. She smiled, brought her hand forward, placing it on mine.

“it’s okay Val, i understand. The truth is that you carry a strange spirit in you, a strange innocent character, a gentle nature which sometimes makes one imagine things way above the ordinary. I knew all along that i had no place in your heart, neither do you in mine, but something i can’t explain clouded my senses. I guess the best approach is for you not to get too close or friendly with any girl, seriously i just don’t know” she said with a calm smile.

I really was glad to have settled my differences with her, because she really was my eye, nose and everything in my PPA, moreover making someone who knows alot of my {Nysc} secrets and schemes an enemy could be disastrous, because she could easily bury me with all she knew.

Friday evening, i headed straight to Chinwe’s lodge with the money i promised her. My heart kept pounding loudly as i drove that fateful evening. Only God knows my destiny with Chinwe. A girl i stole from a helpless neighbour.
I truly couldn’t define what i felt for her at that stage. I liked helping her as if it was my duty. Sometimes i felt i was obliged to do so out of compassion, and sometimes i felt i was atoning for my sins by doing it.

My story with Chinwe really is something so unimaginable. First I stole her from a helpless friend, then Adaora snatched me away from her, later abandons me in the middle of the road, where i stood helplessly. But from the opposite direction came Chinwe again, speeding towards me, her head-lamp blazing so strong. The only thing i couldn’t tell is if Adaora will eventually hit the brakes and turn back to fetch me.

I was at crossroads.

“if things don’t happen, it’s because they are not meant to happen”

“i’m sorry for not coming yesterday as promised” i apologized to Chinwe when i got to her room. She smiled and hugged me.

“it’s okay, i’m not complaining” she replied happily. I handed the money to her, stayed for some minutes before getting up to leave.

“i have to start leaving, i’ll be back early tomorrow, so we could go together to see your mum” i said to her. She softly held my right hand, staring into my eyes.

“don’t tell me you are driving back to your PPA by this hour. It’s already late and unsafe” she murmured seriously,

“no dear, i’m going over to my cousin’s house, it’s been a while i last saw him” i answered. She dropped her eyes and breathed deeply.

“me too. I know Benita is still with him” she said quietly. I smiled at her, saying nothing.

“you can stay with me, i’m all alone” she suddenly offered,

“how about your silly friend, you turned into a roomate?” i asked playfully.

“forget her” she rolled her eyes and smiled.
I ended up accepting to spend the night in her room and we had a good time chatting and joking.
By 8:30pm i took her for an evening ride, stopping at MR FANS where we spent a little time. She really was happy for the treat i gave her and according to her words, “it has been a while she enjoyed herself in such way”.

We finally went to bed by 10:45pm, but i fell asleep around 2am because my body wouldn’t let me, not with a preserved meal{Chinwe} lying by my side. Seriously my joystick betrayed his master that fateful evening, and i had no choice than to lock it up, by suspending{placing} it between my two laps.


I lazily woke up by 7:30am, to see her peering at my face and smiling.
“good morning” she greeted sweetly, “you slept like a baby” she added. I smiled back at her.

We finally headed to her hometown later in the morning to honour her mum’s invitation. My thoughts kept me company as i drove, planning my next line of action, which travelling to Abuja to finish my business with Obinna, Since i had nothing to lose anymore. Besides he has been on my neck since the day i abruptly left Abuja, calling me a coward and all sorts of names jokingly, so i had every reason to travel and settle things with him, just like John cena, i wasn’t ready to back down from my fight anymore. “Hmmm Elinor” i breathed.

“what are you thinking?” Chinwe suddenly asked, breaking my thoughts.

“nothing important” i laughed,

“you really have changed alot” she noted with a smile,

“why do you say so?” i asked,

“the old val wouldn’t have slept without trying to touch me. But i prefer the new Val” she laughed. I smiled and shook her head.

Chinwe’s mum was really very happy to see me. She thanked me for helping her daughter and equally gave me lots of advice. The old woman was very motherly and friendly. I enjoyed visiting her.
I headed back to my PPA alone after spending two hours with her. I left Chinwe behind because she had to stay with her mum.

Monday evening{ two days later}

Obinna arrived at Owerri on my invitation, because I needed his help in driving my Dad’s car to Abuja. I really had to create a lasting impression on Tessy and Elinor, it was all part of my plan.

Obinna really couldn’t believe his eyes when i took him to my PPA{lodge} that monday evening. He found it hard to believe i was serving in such a remote community. He called my room a shi.t-hole.

Wednesday morning i headed to Abuja with him, after spending a little time with Jenny, who really couldn’t believe i was travelling again. {I truly had nothing to fear in my PPA, because the people who could easily have ruined me were on my side.}. The only fear i had was on the journey i was embarking.

I felt things won’t turn out as planned.


7:45pm Obinna’s apartment. ABUJA NG

“so how soon do you want the hit?” Obinna asked as we relaxed in his sitting room.

“as soon as possible, i’ll transfer the money to your account tonight. Just forward me your account details” i replied. He smiled and crossed his legs.

“o boy, you are now behaving” he laughed,

“one other thing” i said, interrupting him,
“i’ll take you to Elinor’s apartment early tomorrow, so you can examine the environment very well. I really won’t want mistakes. I don’t know where your guys plan on doing the job, i don’t care, but i’ll like a very clean work and please they shouldn’t cross the line when taking care of her” i added seriously.

“yes sir, nothing do you sir” he laughed, went to his fridge and fetched two cans of beer, offering one to me.

“no thanks, i’m going to bed. Good night” i murmured, got up and retired to the room he gave me.

I was about drifting off to sleep, when i saw him walk into the room.
“guy, you wan nack tonight?{do you want to f.uck}” he asked, tapping my shoulder. I breathed deeply, sat up and faced him. A bit confused on what i just heard.

“two chicks are in the sitting room right now” he murmured in pidgin english.
“i have already made them comfortable, all you have to do is simply follow me to the sitting room, sit beside the girl on red shirt and tell her what you want” he added with a dirty smile.

“my guy i want to sleep, you can have them all to yourself” i smiled and dropped down on the bed. He shook his head, hissed and left without another word.
I really was unable to sleep after he left the room. I began having doubts over what i planned doing.
“Val this isn’t you. What are you trying to do. Have you thought of the consequence?” my conscience warned, but i paid no heed to it, even though i was very scared.

The noise from Obinna’s room soon swallowed my thoughts. I heard screams, laughs, and music coming from there. It just looked as if he was having a threesome party. Of course he was enjoying himself.

Early the next morning, after dropping off the two girls, we headed straight to Elinor’s apartment. You guys can’t believe how surprised she was when she answered the door and saw me. Goose pimples instantly appeared on her body. Even a blind man would have noticed how fidgeted she was.
I truly was extremely surprised to see her in that state, because i thought she was a very strong fearless woman.

I never knew surprising an enemy could have such serious effect.
Thus my first offensive had an encouraging start.

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“oh jeez val, what are you doing here this early?” she asked as we settled down in her living room. I calmly crossed my legs and smiled.

“you never told me you were coming. I never knew you were in town. What brings you here. I’m about leaving for work?” she nervously asked with a fake smile.

“i came to reason things out with you, concerning Tessy’s issue. I came to settle with you. Fighting won’t do us any good” i lied. She scoffed, throwing a suspicious glance at Obinna. The type of glance which asks a question like, “val do you think i’m stupid to fall for this”.

She quietly sat up, drew close and sat by my side, surprising me with her behaviour. She was quickly regaining her composure.

“are you sure you are alright?, what exactly are you saying?, i don’t understand?” she asked like an innocent little girl,

“about your percentage nau, i’m now willing to cooperate, i don’t want to lose Tessy” i murmured seriously. She clapped her hands and stood up.

“val i really don’t understand you. I dön’t have any pending business with you. Please can we discuss this some other time, i’m late for work” she asked. I shrugged and stood up.

“fine then, see you some other time” i smiled, nodded at Obinna who quickly stood up.

We left her apartment smiling to ourselves. The old lady probably thought she played smart by acting dumb, without knowing we came for another thing.

“how do you see the apartment?” i asked Obinna,

“the house is tight, but i’ll figure out an easy way with my guys. Don’t worry, the visit we paid her this morning will keep her worried for a long time” he laughed.
I slowly drove to Adaora’s house with my thoughts racing wildly. I really couldn’t pin-point the main reason i was going there. All i knew was that i badly wanted to see her.

Luckily we ran into her as she was leaving the compound. She froze as soon as she recognized dad’s car. I quickly parked and begged Obinna to wait for me in the car. Alighting, i ran to meet Adaora.

“i see you have definetly gone crazy, what are you doing in this city with dad’s car?” she asked seriously,
“i can’t believe my eyes, what do you think will be mum’s reaction if she finds out?. You arn’t a kid anymore, please grow up. You disgust me dam.n” she shouted at me.

“Adaora, Ada baby” i called soothingly, reaching forward to grab her right hand. She instantly drew back, eyeing me furiously.

“see your life, you are very disorganised and confused. Who is doing this to you?, is it Tessy?” she asked angrily. I scratched my head and looked down.

“i pray you don’t get into trouble one of these days” she hissed and walked away. I really couldn’t believe she said all those hurtful words to me in the open. I bit my lips and returned to my car. The truth they say sometimes hurts badly.


I found myself in Tessy’s office, feeling her heartbeat as she hugged me happily. “my love, what a surprise. I can’t believe you are right here with me” she poured out happily.

No matter all the excuses i gave for seeing Tessy, the bitter truth was that i was slowly getting addicted to her. She was like hard drugs to me, sweet, soothing, and dangerous.


oh dear lord, Val this is the kind of surprise i always expect from you. Though i really won’t be having your time this afternoon” she murmured sadly. I looked up at her, staring into her eyes. She looked very worried.

“i have lots of things to do today, i have this paper work lying on my table to complete, after that i’ll be going over to my other office to supervise the work going on there. My dear it really isn’t easy” she breathed deeply. I smiled and pecked her.

“without hard work you wouldn’t have gotten to this level” i said sweetly,

“i hate making you uncomfortable” she replied softly.

“no, no, no dear, on the contrary, i admire your zeal, courage and dedication to work. It isn’t easy for a pretty lady like you to be managing such huge investments” i smiled. She rolled her eyes and blushed.

“hope you won’t mind telling me where you slept last night?, or have you reconciled with your Ada girl. I know you weren’t just coming into town this morning” she asked seriously.

“hmmm dear, i’ll tell you later” i laughed. She shrugged, returned to her chair, opened her hand bag and fetched out a cheque book. She wrote something on it, tore out the slip, and offered it to me.

“i know i havn’t done anything for you since we got to know each other, but all that will soon be over. Since i won’t be available this afternoon, make use of this cheque and do anything you want with it” she smiled.

“but you know” i tried to refuse. She instantly eyed me, silencing me with her eyes.

“just take it Val” she insisted. I breathed deeply and took it. The cheque was worth fifty thousand Naira. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Walking out of her bubbling shop minutes later, i ran into two young, sharp, s#xy girls between the ages of twenty one to twenty three. They really were looking very hot in designer jeans, pink shoes, pink tops and scarfs, matched with red hand-bags. They looked exactly like twins. I whistled out in admiration. They looked at each other, laughed and walked into the shop, while I speechlessly stood and scratched my head, imagining things that weren’t meant to be.

Walking towards my car a minute later, another idea rushed into my head. I stopped, turned and faced Tessy’s shop once again, covering my eyes with my ever present sun-glass.

Bravely i stood and waited for the girls to come out, rehearsing some words, and praying for nothing bad or Tessy to catch me by surprise. I truly havn’t been successful with /younger/ girls in Abuja and hopefully i stood anxiously, very eager to break the record.
They came out minutes later with three shopping bags, giggling happily. My heart pounded furiously as they drew close. All the sweet words i earlier rehearsed, quickly escaped from my mind, leaving me speechless and dumb.

However, I courageously blocked them with a faint smile which revealed my innocence, while my hands shook nervously, slightly embarrassing me.
The girls exchanged glances, stopped and stared at me curiously.

“what do you want?” the bolder of the two asked,

“of course, they are twins” i noted with a deep smile.

“hi girls, my name is Val and you are?” i smiled, throwing the bold girl a question look. She scoffed and shook her head,

“sorry i don’t have a name” she replied with a wicked smile.
“me too” her sister murmured, shattering my weak morale.

“well will you girls care for a ride, i might be going your way?” i stammered nervously.

“hmmm, thanks we arn’t looking for help” the bold one seriously replied, silencing me. Just that moment, a Toyota car pulled up beside us and honked.

“you see we have a waiting ride. So next time try a little harder” she joked, while her sister laughed carelessly. Dam.n i was extremely demoralized, i couldn’t believe being torn apart in such a nasty way.
“Anyway the frontal approach isn’t really my thing” i consoled myself.

I quickly pulled down my sun-glass, and softly grabbed the bold one with my left hand as she tried to walk away with her sister. She stopped and threw me a very cold glance. I pleaded with my eyes, her sister equally stopped, watching us.

I couldn’t really understand the spirit that took over my body that afternoon, nor the genie that gave me the silly boldness to stop two girls in front of Tessy’s busy shop.
“please just your phone number” i begged, colouring up. She rolled her eyes and breathed deeply.

“i don’t usually do this” she murmured, “i’ll call my number only once and if you miss out any. It ain’t my fault” she added. Nervously i hastily brought out my phone and typed the numbers she quickly called. The girls disappeared soon after.

Selena’s call came in as i was saving the number. I hissed and rejected her call, seriously thinking of the most suitable name to use in saving the phone number i just collected.

8:15pm, Tessy’s bedroom

“i’m having a hard time believing you bought that machine you drove into my compound with the money i gave you” Tessy joked as she pulled off her clothes after undressing me.

“for your mind” i smiled.
“what else do you want me to think?” she laughed, increasing the volume of the sound system in her room with a remote. Celin dion’s music filled everywhere.
Opening her fridge, she brought out a cup of chilled ice cream and a plastic spoon.

“don’t move an inch my love. I’ll pour the contents of this cup all over you. Tonight i’m taking you to paradise” she joked, scooping out a spoonful. I bit my lips as she dumped it on my chest.

“Tonight will be a night of endless pleasure, no holds barred. Baby Baby If I kiss you like this, And if you whisper like that! oh we will get lost tonight” she sang, while Celin dion’s track, “it’s all coming back to me” Played on.

“of course tonight may surely come back to hunt us” my conscience sang.

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“ah Val, you always leave me breathless. I love how you do your thing. Jeez!” Tessy whispered happily after the long s-x. I smiled and breathed deeply, my mind on the girl i earlier collected her number. Tessy’s business really made me forget calling her.

“my love arn’t you listening to me?, what are you thinking?” Tessy asked, her right hand on my chest.

“nothing dear, i’m just very tired” I murmured and kissed her forehead.

“i’ll do anything to keep you. I really can’t tell why you are so special to me. I wish we could take this to another level” she prayed. I closed my eyes, saying nothing. Seriously sometimes i do wonder if all the feelings she claimed to have for me, were truly real and not for her personal interest.

“you are yet to give me the go ahead order for the redeployment issue, i proposed to you” she added seriously.

“how about the Guy i heard Elinor is arranging for you?” i asked, changing the topic. She kept quiet for a while, pinched my shoulder and laughed.

“who told you about that?” she asked,

“Elinor told me” i replied,

“was that why you came back?” she asked curiously.

“of course not, anyway i really will be glad to make way. If you are interested in him.” i answered carelessly.

“you are very cruel. Do you think i’m capable of messing around with any guy i see huh?, if that was the case, you wouldn’t have been here with me” she poured out angrily. I breathed deeply with a faint smile.

“it’s so good to hear” i murmured, kissing her hair.

7am, hours later

I smiled at Tessy, dressed up and ready to leave. She sat on her bed, eyeing me sadly.

“i was thinking last night if we could invite Elinor for dinner tomorrow evening. You know we havn’t yet thanked her for bringing us together.” i said to Tessy, who nodded instantly.

I smiled to myself because i knew she would do anything to please me. But It really wasn’t out of goodwill that made me come out with such offer. On the contrary it was the only way i could account for Elinor’s whereabouts that coming saturday. An easy way to draw her out in the open, thus making the hit job easy for Obinna’s boys, even though i really didn’t know the plans they already had made.

Tessy wasn’t really living in a busy neighbourhood, and according to my calculations, i figured out it would be easy for Obinna’s boys to ambush and attack her within the vicinity as she heads for her apartment after the dinner.

“but wouldn’t it be better we eat out?” i soon heard Tessy ask, interrupting my thoughts.

“no dear, i think your friend will very much appreciate the pains you took in cooking for her, don’t you think so?” i asked sweetly. She shrugged and rolled her eyes.

“don’t worry, i’ll help out” i offered, drew close and kissed her. “i pray Obinna buys this plan. I pray it works” i breathed.

I returned to Obinna’s apartment by 7:45am, to meet one of the greatest shocks of my life. There sat Adaora with legs crossed on a sofa, head bent over her phone. I was extremely surprised and confused, because She was the last person i expected to see.

Furiously my heart pounded as she raised up her sweet face. My black heart almost jumped out of my body.

“what is she doing here so early” i wondered, while my eyes searched for Obinna.

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7 years ago

Interesting story and full of suspense but too many repetition of words (swallowed hard, shrugged, scoffed, biting of lips, etc)

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