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[Story] Adebimpe the Facebook girl Season 9 (Final Saga) Episode 8



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Funmi left my table and walked into her office while i was looking her in a surprised mood, immediately she entered her office and i turned my head around, i realized that everybody on the floor was looking at me in a pitiful way, some were shaking their head and from the look of things, it appeared like i was in trouble. I cleared my table and saved my work on the system, i pushed my chair backward and stood up while my leg was shaking, i stood up and i was thinking about what have happened and why Funmi wanted to see me.

“She was just coming from a management meeting?”
“She entered and didn’t smile”
“She just said ‘Hi Onihaxy’ ”
“and the next thing was ‘see me in my office right away’ ”
“not even during break time as usual?”
“what could have happened at the management meeting?”
“was my name mentioned at the meeting?”
“or was any error detected from my team work?”
“or was it from my personal work?”
“or did someone report me?”
“what have i done wrong this time?”

I left my desk, walked towards her door and knocked twice until she told me to come in. I entered her office and she offered me a seat. I sat down and i was looking so confused and uncomfortable as several thoughts was running through my mind, the look on her face wasn’t helping matters either as she first ignored me and concentrated on what she was typing on the system. After about five minutes, she closed her laptop and looked into my eyes.

FUNMI: Onihaxy, why did you lie to me?
ME: **scared** Me? I have never lied to you. What did i do?

FUNMI: **Adjusted her seat** so, you are asking me what you did?

ME: ***stammering*** yes Funmi. I don’t know what and where i have went wrong.

FUNMI: when exactly did you and Adeola started dating?

ME: me? Adeola? I have told you before. Adeola is more like my sister and i don’t have a single feeling for her.

FUNMI: stop lying Onihaxy

ME: I swear to God Funmi, there is nothing going on between us.

FUNMI: ok, i just discovered that she had been coming to pass the night at your house.

ME: haaaa. Night kee? except for the day i came for your sister’s birthday party, Adeola and i have never seen at any time beyond 6pm.

FUNMI: Onihaxy, are you still insisting that there is nothing going on between the two of you?

ME: Yes Funmilayo, i mean it.

FUNMI: ok, she came home last night and she was complaining that she had a stomach upset. I took her to the estate clinic, same last night for treatment.

ME: eeyah, so sorry about that. How is she now? hope she is getting better?

FUNMI: **ignored me** several test were conducted and the result of the test showed that she is three weeks pregnant.

ME: ***shocked*** pregnant? That young girl? how come?

FUNMI: You are asking me how come? When both of you were having things together, you never knew it will lead to this?

ME: haaaaaaa. I swear to God, i never had anything with Adeola. Maybe it was her boyfriend that impregnated her.

FUNMI: that is exactly my point Onihaxy. It was her boyfriend and Adeola doesn’t go out with any other guy except you. In fact, she introduced you to everyone as her boyfriend.
ME: haaa. Did you ask her who was responsible for the pregnancy?

FUNMI: yes i did, she told me that it was her boyfriend and she mentioned your name.

ME: I swear to God, this is a false accusation.

FUNMI: ****frowned and looking at me as if she should cut off my head****

ME: **pleading** I swear to God Funmi. I have nothing to do with Adeola or the pregnancy.

FUNMI: ******suddenly burst into laughter***** ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

ME: *****surprised and wondering why she is laughing***** what happened Funmi? Why are you laughing?

FUNMI: ****continued laughing**** i got you Onihaxy.

ME: **still surprised** got me as how?

FUNMI: just pulling your legs.

ME: pulling my legs? How?

FUNMI: never mind Onihaxy. i have heard about all the scripts you and Adeola played to make me sad. Thanks so much ehn.

ME: ***took a deep breath*** hmmmmmmmmmm, and it’s not what you think ooo.

FUNMI: then what is it? that you allowed yourself to be used by that small girl? That you were the instrument used by her to make me sad? Despite how i liked you and all i have done for you.

ME: I’m so sorry Funmi

FUNMI: It’s ok. But why didn’t you tell me about this earlier?

ME: I should have told you but she begged me to play along with her. It was when i realized that she went too far that i decided to talk to her that it’s high time she stopped all the acting and reconcile back to her mother.

FUNMI: yeah, i know. She told me about everything yesterday night, how both of you wanted to frame up pregnancy news to me so that i can commit suicide and then die.
ME: Haba, it has not got up to that now.

FUNMI: All the same, i thank you so much for been the tool used to make me sad and i also thank you for bringing peace back between my daughter and i.

ME: don’t mention.

FUNMI: but please, let the secret she told you about remain between the three of us.

ME: trust me Funmi, You know i can keep a secret.

FUNMI: thanks so much Onihaxy, i owe you a lunch.

We both laughed over it and she dipped her hand into her purse and gave me 2,000 naira to eat lunch that Monday. I thanked her and left her office with smile and laughter on my face. As i was opening her door, the entire “gossip crew” members abandoned what they were doing and focused on me. They looked me right from when i left Funmi’s office till when i got to my desk and i was sure they were wondering “how come he came out of the office smiling?”

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[Story] Adebimpe the Facebook girl Season 9 – Final Saga (Episode 8)

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micheal Ayomikun
micheal Ayomikun
7 years ago

pls wen re dropping ur remain episode

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