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[Story] Adebimpe the Facebook Girl Season 9 (Final Saga) Episode 9


Adebimpe the facebook girl

Adebimpe the Facebook Girl Season 9 (Final Saga) Episode 9

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It was lunch break time and I was about to go out and have lunch at my usual canteen, I met the two guys from my team who were retained along the walkway, they were also going out on lunch break and they hugged me when they saw me and began to gist as we walked together to the canteen. The first guy thanked me for his nomination and he said he saw my handiwork and how I fought so hard for them to be retained. I just smiled as the second guy also told me that he was so scared and never expected the bank to retain him. I asked him why he was scared and he told me that “Onihaxy, the bank needed just two people from each team, our team housed the most hardworking group during the project and also, Benita your girlfriend was also on ground and awaiting to be retained. If we should remove Benita, there was just one more person to be retained and you expect me not to be scared?”. I laughed out so loud and I was like “ chaii, so these guys have been analyzing things during the project?”.
The first guy then asked me a question, “Onihaxy baba, what happened to Benita?, we all expected her to be retained but she wasn’t. She really made mouth then that her retention was very certain”. I kept mute for some seconds and I replied them saying “An organization that wants to progress need a serious and dedicated staff and that is why they always look out for every hardworking people. Even the senior staffs, they can sleep with any girl in the course of duty. But when it comes to the time for appraisals and promotions, they focus on the hardworking staffs”.
We continued to discuss until we reached the canteen, one of them even paid for my lunch. We got back to the bank and they told me to greet my office madam and I smiled. I got home in the evening and Segun called my second line to ask me if I have heard anything from Adebimpe and I told him that I haven’t heard from her.
The next day at work, Funmi thanked me again for bringing peace back between her daughter and her, Adeola also called to inform me that she and her mother had settled their differences and I was very happy that I was free at last. At the close of business for that day, I was on my way driving back home when I remembered that I haven’t heard from Betty since the last time she called to inform me about her pregnancy, I picked my phone and dialed her number but it wasn’t reachable. Instead, I was told to leave a message and I did. I got home and became worried and curious on why she hadn’t called me since then as several thoughts were going through my mind.
“what could really be happening?”
“why hasn’t she called me back since then?”
“ or could it be that she has heard the news about me?”
“ could it be that Henry has found out about me and decided to tell her sister about it?”
“ or what could make her to be unreachable?”
“ I hope my dream of travelling abroad has not been lost?”

I was still in the mode of thinking when my phone started ringing. I looked at the screen and it was a call from Bimpe, I was so scared to pick it up but the call kept coming in. After the fourth call, I decided to pick up.

ME: hello Aunty Bimpe.

BIMPE: na wa oooo, so is this how life is supposed to be?, don’t even Aunty Bimpe me!!

ME: I am sorry now, I ought to have called you but I don’t know how intense the situation on ground is, and I don’t want to add to the existing trouble.

BIMPE: don’t worry, I understand you Onihaxy. You think I am dead isn’t it?

ME: Haba Bimpe, why will you be talking like this now?, why will I wish you dead?

BIMPE: why won’t you wish me dead?, so that you can enjoy your life with your wife abi?

ME: ok, I’m very sorry. So, how did it go?

BIMPE: it went well.

ME: really?, waooh. Tell me about it.

BIMPE: when I got home, he asked me who the real father of Daniella was and I cried, telling him that I was raped by a patient at my night duty on the same period he came to visit me in Abuja.

ME: waooh. Bravo!!!!

BIMPE: it wasn’t as easy as you think. If not for God and the “Alfa” (spiritualist) I told you about, Henry would have killed me and my daughter by now.

ME: Alfa?, I don’t understand. How did you involve him in the matter?

BIMPE: I called my sister to inform her and she then went to meet the spiritualist. He made some spiritual backup ahead of me before I went to meet Henry at home that day.

ME: Hmmmmmmm, this is serious.

BIMPE: very serious, that man is a very good spiritualist and he never fails, he was the one that also prepared the oath you and I had together.

ME:***smiled*** really?

BIMPE: yes ofcourse. I don’t know why you are proving stubborn. I have been telling you to let me take you to him but you refused

ME: No thanks. I am fine.

BIMPE: you are on your own oooo.

ME: thank you. so, you mean I am now safe and free?

BIMPE: ofcourse we are free to continue with our affairs.

ME: you are not serious Bimpe. I was even thinking of something.

BIMPE: what is that?

ME: you know that your husband and the doctor in your hospital are good friends?

BIMPE: yes. What happened?

ME: I think you should try to retrieve my blood test details from the hospital and tear it off

BIMPE: why?

ME: your doctor might stumble on it one day and show it to your husband.

BIMPE: we don’t need that Onihaxy, everything have been settled in the spiritual realm

ME: Hmmmmmm, I have heard you. But try to think about it.

BIMPE: no problem. I heard that your wife is pregnant. Congratulations

ME: thank you ooooo. How did you know?

BIMPE: she called to inform her brother and I

ME: eyah, and Henry never called me to congratulate me.

BIMPE: you are not serious. You want him to call and congratulate you for impregnating her sister whom you aren’t married to yet?, and besides, are you not the one to call us and inform us?

ME: that is true, I will call him now.

BIMPE: wait till I reach home, I will beep you for you to call back.

ME: thanks so much Bimpe.

BIMPE: you are welcome dear. Don’t forget that you still owe me something.

ME: owe you something?, what is that?

BIMPE: A baby now. Or won’t you give your daughter a sibling?

ME: I swear Bimpe, you are not serious. ***hanged up***


[Story] Adebimpe the Facebook Girl Season 9 (Final Saga) Episode 9

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