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[Story] Adebimpe The Facebook Girl Season 9 (Final Saga) Episode 5


Adebimpe the facebook girl


Earlier on Saturday morning…..

As I woke in the morning on that Saturday, I saw three missed calls on my phone from Adeola. I checked the time she called and it was around five o’clock in the morning, I was confused and wondering why she would be calling me that very early in the morning. I dropped my phone on the side of my bed, placed my pillow against the wall and I fell back on my pillow to have a deep thought on the issue between mother and daughter.

“But what did was actually wrong too”
“How could she be sleeping with her daughter’s friend?”
“How am I even sure that there isn’t more to it?”
“It’s likely that the guy in question was Adeola’s boyfriend”
“Maybe she was scared to introduce him as her boyfriend at that time”
“Maybe that was why she was pained to that extent”
“But Adeola ought to have realized that body isn’t firewood now?”
“How did she expect her mother to cope with “konji” since she has no husband?”
“Or doesn’t she think that her mother would be having urges?”
“But what if this this girl later finds out that I am also sleeping with her mother?”
“I’m sure that heaven will let loose that day”
“I am just tired of playing this game of love”
“What if it later develops into having feelings for her?”
“What if we started having feelings for each other because I have even started feeling it”
“Why am I just having complications upon complications?”
“I am even sure that Funmi will not trust me again”
“It’s certain that the main reason she hasn’t fired me was because Adeola stood on her neck”
“It’s obvious that she no longer interact with me like before again”
“How I wish I never accepted to play this game along with her from onset?”
“How I wish I haven’t gone this far in this game?”
“Or should I inform Funmi about the truth of the whole matter?”
“But will she believe me?”
“She might later inform Adeola and I will be a used stock”
“May God help you Onihaxy………………….”

I was still lost in that thoughts when my phone began to ring again, I check the screen and it was still Adeola calling, I didn’t pick up and I let it to ring to the end before I decided to call back.

ME: Hello Adeola, I missed your calls.
ADEOLA: yeah, where have you been that you aren’t picking up my calls?
ME: I’m so sorry about that. I was asleep when you first called and I was in the kitchen when you called few minutes ago.
ADEOLA: ok dear. What are you cooking?
ME: ** surprised, me?, dear?*** trying to prepare porridge jaree.
ADEOLA: ok dear. I am just bored here; all my friends are out of town. That was why I called you in the morning to ask if you can pay me a visit in school today or I should come to your place.
ME: chaiiii!!!! wetin be this? really?
ADEOLA: yeah dear, which of the two is ok by you?
ME: none of the two is ok as I am talking to you now.
ADEOLA: but why?, are u expecting someone?
ME: not at all, but I am going out to somewhere as I am talking to you. In fact, I am on my way out of the room.

ADEOLA: are you going to stay for long at the place you are going?
ME: yeah, I think so. It’s likely I don’t return until tomorrow night.
ADEOLA: clears throat so, which of your girlfriends are you going out to visit this time?, Benita I guess?
ME: smiled do you know who Benita is?
ADEOLA: off course I know her very well, your wife in the office.
ME: really?, how did you know about that?
ADEOLA: my mum told me about the two of you, she told me that you guys are engaged to each other and you are inseparable.

ME: don’t mind your mum, she is lying.

ADEOLA: and how do you want to convince me that she did lie?

ME: because dating or any form of relationship isn’t allowed in our bank.

ADEOLA: but it can be done secretly isn’t it?. Just like that of you and Benita? , as well as Mummy and someone I won’t mention his name.

ME: shocked who is the person you don’t to mention his name?

ADEOLA: hmmmmmm, just let me keep quiet for now.

ME: I disagree; you just have to tell me who the person is.
ADEOLA: let’s put that Aside Onihaxy, I’m going to tell mummy that I am pregnant tomorrow.
ME: that reminds me Adeola, we need to talk about this game you are playing with your mummy?
ADEOLA: don’t even come up with that sermon Onihaxy because I am not done with her yet.
ME: ok, let me ask you, what exactly did you want to gain from this game you are playing?, you want her to continue feeling depressed, sad and unhappy isn’t it?, how will her sadness increase your bank account?

ADEOLA: you won’t understand Onihaxy, she offended me and I have to revenge

ME: and so?, please what is so special in what she did that no one else has ever done?. Did you realized how long your dad had died?, so you expect her not to have sexual urge or sexual feelings? , is she not a human with veins and blood?

ADEOLA: is that what you will say Onihaxy?

ME: then what do you expect me to say?, you should even be happy that she didn’t re-marry, you would have known what it feels like to be a step daughter to a total stranger.

ADEOLA: *feeling sad you are hurting me Onihaxy.

ME: calm down Adeola, just try to understand me. I know you felt bad because of what your mummy did with your friend, but like I said earlier, she is still a young woman and it is expected of her to have sexual urges since your father died. Even you Adeola, be sincere, can you stay for two years without having sexual urges or having sex?

ADEOLA: *****silent*****

ME: you see?, or don’t you ever think of it that she might develop high blood pressure or hypertension as a result of your games?, what then will be your joy when she start spending all her savings on sickness and medications?. Even apart from that, don’t you know that her productivity at work will be affected and will in-turn affect her appraisals?

ADEOLA: ****sighed*****

ME: Adeola, please I am begging you, try to end this game and reconcile back with your mother. No matter what, she is still your mother and you can never replace her. You both need each other now than never.

ADEOLA: hmmmmmmmmmmmm.

ME: yes dear, just show her some love, stop making her feel sad and let her realize that all what we have been doing so far is nothing but a scripted drama.

ADEOLA: ok, I have heard you Onihaxy.

ME: it’s not just about hearing what I said Adeola, it’s about acting and doing what I told you to do. I have decided that I will disclose everything to her on Monday when I get to work. So, I think it will be better if you are the one to inform her first before I do so.

ADEOLA: ok Onihaxy, let’s talk letter. ****hanged up*****

I took a deep breath and I said to myself “thank God, I am finally free from this girl. Mother and daughter should go ahead and settle their differences and they should stop using me as a table tennis ball”.

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[Story] Adebimpe The Facebook Girl Season 9 (Final Saga) Episode 5

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