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Adebimpe the facebook girl


The story below is an exclusive work of a hardworking writer, by Onihaxy. All forms of reproduction in parts or full without prior written permission of the author is vehemently prohibited. No part of this story may be reproduced, stored in or introduced into a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means (electronic, mechanical or otherwise). Any form of plagiarism will be thoroughly prosecuted.

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Written by Onihaxy


“Wake up!!!!!!!!!!”
I was screaming her name as she lay down cold by the bed without moving. I stood up and began to walk to and fro in the room, crying at the same time. I pulled off my shirt and picked her face towel from her mirror, returned to where she was lying down and called her names again but she was still not answering me. I lifted up her head and placed it on my leg while I cleaned her wound with the towel and my singlet was stained with bl0*d. Blood was still flowing out but at a very slow rate. I pushed up her neck, looked into her face and I started crying again.
” Please don’t do this to me”
” I’m finally doomed”
” Adebimpe, please wake up”
” Adebimpe, please look into my eyes”
After several times of calling her name and she didn’t respond to me, I dropped her and picked my cloths and I started planning on how to escape out of the building.
” Should I go out through the gate?”
” No, the security man will see me”
” He will tell the police that I came out of the house in the morning”
” The maid will also bear witness that she left me at home with bimpe before going out”
” Or should I jump over the fence?”
” No, the buildings were built close to each other”
” I will fall in another house if I decided to climb the fence and jump over”
“How do I escape now?”
I picked my cloth and ran out of the room, I looked back and saw Adebimpe still lying naked on the floor, I felt sorry for her and I began to see myself as a murderer. I began to regret why I wasn’t gentle on her in the first place that I had to push her away so hard to the extent that she hit her head against the edge of the bed. I opened her door and tiptoed out.

I got out of Bimpe’s room with my shirt on my hand and I stopped to wear my shirt and dress properly so the security man will not suspect anything. I got to the front of Betty’s room before reaching that of Daniela and I stopped again. I peeped through the keyhole and I saw that Daniela was still sleeping on her bed. I felt so sorry at that moment and I began to think again.
“Onihaxy, what have you just done to this little girl?”
” I made the first mistake by sleeping with her mother which gave birth to her”
“I made the second mistake of my life by sleeping with her mother again which led to the second pregnancy”
“And now, I made the third mistake of my life by killing her mother”
” Now I made her mother-less”
” Will she ever forgive me?”
” Even if she later find out that I’m her real father, will she forgive me for her mother’s death?”.
I left the entrance of daniella’s room and walked downstairs to the living room, I looked around for my car key and I found it on the shelf beneath the TV set. I picked the key and was ready to go out when I thought of another thing.
“How do I drive out of this compound without the security’s knowledge?”
” Even if I drive out successfully, I will still be the prime suspect since I slept here over the night”
” The security man will even testify to it that he saw me driving out in the morning”
” That means I had to run away from Lagos”
” There is no way I can escape it If I remain in this city”
” But what about betty?”
” What about my job?”
” I will definitely have to lose both”.
” I’m doomed”.
I stopped thinking and I moved closer to the window. I raised the cottons and I saw the security man sitting down outside his room by the side of the gate and I said to myself “onihaxy, there is no way you can escape this”.


I was still standing close to the window in the living room with various thoughts going through my mind, I was totally confused and didn’t know exactly what next to do, I started crying and sobbing like a baby with tears flowing down my cheek like a fountain. I checked the time on the wall clock and it was few minutes to 6am. At a point, I started contemplating on whether to go out or return back into Adebimpe’s room to re-observed the situation and see if she could wake up again.
I dropped the cottons and suddenly decided to go back into Adebimpe’s room, I dropped my key on the table and climbed up the stairs. I reached the front of Danielle’s room and peeped through the key hole and I saw that she was still sleeping. I left the corridor of her room and went further to Adebimpe’s room. I opened the door and it appeared to me that her position was different from the way I left her, I moved closer and I saw that she was still bleeding from her head. I rose up her head and placed it on my laps and I began to hit her chest so hard by punching with a blow as I continued to scream her name again with tears still flowing endlessly out of my eyes.
“Adebimpe please wake up!!!!”
“Bimpe please have mercy on me”
“Bimpe please, I don’t want to go to jail”
Bimpe wasn’t still responding and I moved my head closer and placed my mouth on her mouth, I covered her nostril and tried doing a “mouth to mouth” breathing. I resumed hitting her chest again and calling of her name but she wasn’t still responding to me. I was totally confused and tears never ceased to stop flowing out of my eyes, I started thinking of the easiest way to commit suicide because I already knew that there was no way I could escape this case, I knew there was no where I could run away to that Henry won’t find me with the help of the police. I knew there was no way I could escape jail and be probably sent to life imprisonment or probably given a death sentence for committing murder.
I rose up my head and noticed that the bathroom door was opened. I pulled of my shirt, moved closer to Adebimpe, I lifted her up and I carried her in my hands like a new baby while she was still naked. I took her into the bathroom and made her to sit down on the bathroom floor and directly under the shower. I made her to rest her back on the wall while I opened the shower tap to allow water to flow down to her head. I knelt down in front of her with tears still flowing out endlessly from my eyes and I began to shake her body and hit her chest. I would press her head away from the shower to give her mouth to mouth breathing my placing my mouth on hers and yet, adebimpe wasn’t moving.
After about three minutes of trying to resuscitate Adebimpe which wasn’t eventually working, I gave up trying. With my knees still on the floor and with tears still flowing out of my eyes, I pulled her towards myself and made her to rest on my chest while I held her tight. At that moment, i suddenly developed this huge feelings for her and I started missing her seriously. I have never felt that kind of love for her before. I pulled her more closely and began to talk alone to myself.
“Adebimpe, we don’t have to end it this way”
“We have gone too far to depart with death”
“Thank you for been a special part of me”
“Thanks for giving me a daughter”’
” Thanks for everything you have done for me”
” I might have pushed you away so many times”
” I might have ignored you and treated you like a trash”
” I might have been so harsh on you of recent”
” But the truth is that I have always loved you”
” And I will forever love you”
” Your memory in my heart will be forever”
” You shall never been forgotten in my heart”
” I’m so sorry that your death came from me”
“I’m so sorry for pushing you away so hard”
“I’m so sorry for sending you to an early grave”
“Please find a place in your heart to forgive me”
“I love you now and forever”
I stopped talking to myself and I pulled her head away a bit to see her face for the last time. With emotional tears still flowing from my eyes, I pulled her head closer and kissed her like never before for the next three minutes. I was about to drop her to the floor when she suddenly started coughing like someone that was choked.
” Bimpe!!!!!!!!!!, you are awake and alive!!!!!!!!!!”


Adebimpe started moving her hands gently and mood changed instantly and I started singing “thank God ooo!!!l. I put off the shower, lifted her from the floor and carried her on my hand while returned her back to the room, I dropped her on the bed and placed her to relax and rest her back against the wall of the bed. I went to her wardrobe and picked a towel, I returned to her and cleaned her face and I later tied the towel around her chest to cover her nakedness. I then sat down beside her and began to pet her by rubbing her chest and her face.
“Sorry bimpe!!”
” Thank God ooooo”
“Oluwaseun oooooo”
” Lord I thank you oooooo”

BIMPE: ***turned her face to me**** what happened to me onihaxy?

ME: Adebimpe, let’s just thank God that I’m not on my way to jail.

BIMPE: what really happened?.

ME: I pushed you away so hard and you fell and hit your head against the edge of the bed.

BIMPE: ****touched her head**** ooouch.

ME: sorry dear.

BIMPE: hmmmmmmmm.

ME: I was really scared, I thought you were dead.

BIMPE: so, was that why you wanted to hide my corpse in the bathroom and then run away?

ME: haba bimpe, not at all.

BIMPE: then what happened?

ME: I took you to the bathroom and placed you under the shower for water to pour on your body whether it would wake you up. I’m happy it worked.

BIMPE: hmmmmmmmmm.

ME: yes bimpe, I was so frightened and scared, I thought of running away but I couldn’t. Infact, I have been thinking of jail and the number of years I will spend in prison, that is if I wasn’t given a death sentence.

BIMPE: hmmmmmmm. Onihaxy, did you truly meant all you said to me back there in the bathroom?

ME: ***pretended****what was that?

BIMPE: when you kissed me and told me you loved me now and forever.

ME: *** surprised**** so you heard it?.

BIMPE: off course I heard everything. It was your kiss and those words that brought me back to life.

ME: ***chaiiii, modaran****

BIMPE: onihaxy, you know I love you so much and I knew you love me too. But why are you so mean to me?. See the way you pushed me so hard the other time?, you almost killed me and sent me to early grave.

ME: ****silent*****

BIMPE: so because I refused to abort your pregnancy, you now think that the best approach is to kill me instead?. You didn’t even consider our Daniela that she would end up been motherless?

ME: Bimpe, I’m so sorry. I pushed you away out of anger, so it wasn’t intentional. Or what would I gain from your death?

BIMPE: a lot for you to gain Mr man. Atleast you will be happy that I’m dead with my pregnancy and I won’t be a threat to you and your future matrimony.

ME: its not what you think bimpe. Or are you a threat to me?

BIMPE: offcourse I was never a threat to you and would never be. You are the person seeing me as one.

ME: ok, fine. Why did you drug my drink in the first place?

BIMPE: *** stammering*** me-me-me-drug-drug-what?.

ME: Adebimpe, you don’t have to stammer, it was so obvious that you drugged my drink, that was why you never tasted out of the wine.

BIMPE: no now, but I was looking for my purse at that moment, you could remember that I went outside to find it at the dry cleaner’s place and later to remember that I dropped it upstairs.

ME: Taaa!!!!, you never forgot any purse at anywhere, and I’m so sure there was no dry cleaner because you had two big washing machines here in this house which I’m aware of.

BIMPE: sobbing onihaxy, so you didn’t believe me abi?

ME: lailai!!!!!, I didn’t. Why didn’t you tasted out of the drink when you finally found your purse upstairs?

BIMPE: ****raised up her hands**** ok fine, I accepted. But would you agreed to stay over the night if I had humbly requested?

ME: why would I agree to stay over when I have my own place where I live?

BIMPE: can you see what I was talking about?. I knew you never cared about me onihaxy, I knew you were treating me like a trash.

ME: and here she starts again ooooooo. was that why you sent your maid away from the house?

BIMPE: haba, no ooooooooo. She went to help my aunty ni ooooooo.

ME: that is none of my business adebimpe. See, the earlier we strengthen the fence and boundary between us, the better it will be for both of us. I cherished betty’s love so much and I’m not ready to loose her for anything.

BIMPE: so, you mean I didn’t cherish my own love for henry abi?

ME: I don’t think so oooo adebimpe. Because if you do?, you should have stayed away from me and avoided me since.

BIMPE: ****laughed**** see onihaxy, if I didn’t cherish my love for Henry, I ought to have packed out of this house and move over to your place all this while now.

ME: ****laughed too**** and you think it’s funny?. That’s your business anyways, its already 6:40am, I need to start going.

Episode 4

BIMPE: ****flirty smile*** start going to where?

ME: home offcourse.

BIMPE: ok then, no problem, I hope I have been forgiven sha?

ME: for what?

BIMPE: for making you to sleep over

ME: hmmmmmm, so you finally admitted that you drugged my drink?

BIMPE: faced down I had no other choice onihaxy, I had to do that since it was the only way I could make you stay back since I wanted you to be around.

ME: Adebimpe, the more you are using extreme measures on me, the more you are breaking my trust for you. Now, I will no longer accept any food and drink from you again. Infact, I will no longer come here again. You can go ahead and report me to Henry that I said so, I don’t care.

BIMPE: Haaaaaaaa!!!!!

ME: yes, read my lips, you can even go ahead and tell Betty that I said so, I don’t f—–g care anymore, everything is over right here.

BIMPE: ***jumped up from the bed, knelt down on her two kneels and held my legs****** onihaxy please, I’m so sorry.

ME: you don’t have to beg me, this is just the height of it all. It’s over and I mean it.

BIMPE: raised up her head and looked into my eyes while still kneeling down and started crying onihaxy please don’t do this to me. Please don’t stay away from me, please don’t neglect and abandon me. Please find a place in your heart to forgive me. You are my only source of joy and happiness, you are the main reason why I keep smiling everyday and you are the only person that brought joy into my heart. Please don’t leave me, I’m dead already without you.

ME: ***felt sorry for her**** ok bimpe, stand up and wipe off your tears, it’s ok.

BIMPE: no oooo onihaxy, please let me remain on my knees.

ME: no ooo bimpe, I insist that you should stand up.

BIMPE: ***stood up from the ground and was standing in front of me**** thank you very much dear.

ME: bimpe, I want to ask you some questions.

BIMPE: ok, go ahead.

ME: do you really want my happiness at all?.

BIMPE: offcourse, I do.

ME: do you want me to get married?

BIMPE: of course. Henry and I are strongly behind you and Betty.

ME: if you are sure of that, then why don’t you just give me freedom so that I can focus on my own relationship?

BIMPE: oh my God onihaxy!!!, this is where you are always getting it wrong. I’m not stopping you from going out with Betty, I’m not stopping your marriage plans, I’m so happy with both of you and I’m strongly behind you both. After all, its not as if I wanted you to marry me, All I just wanted from you is to treat me as if you care, treat me like the mother of your first daughter, don’t run away from me and make me feel happy. Honestly, it’s not disturbing anything whatsoever you have with betty, you are just the one creating issues out of nothing.

ME: and how do you expect my union with betty to work out when you keep on locking me up in your room, chasing me around with calls and text, choking me with pregnancy and the likes?

BIMPE: and ever since all these had been happening, did henry find out about us?


BIMPE: that is it. Despite the fact that I’m married and living under the same roof with henry, I played my game very well. Its left for you to play yours to. Betty is your fiance and will soon be your wife and I expect you to love and adore her so much. But at the same time, I’m your baby mama, I’m also expecting you to show me some level of care.

ME: hmmmmmmmm. It’s official, I’m doomed.

BIMPE: stop saying that onihaxy. Its not as if I’m telling you to announce it to the whole world that I’m your baby mama for crying out loud. But atleast show little care, call when you are supposed to call, reply my chats anytime I initiate it, visit me here often and I won’t have any reason to complain or lock you up.

ME: ok, I heard you. Let me start going now.

BIMPE: wait, there are bl0*d stains on your cloth. Open inside the wardrobe, you will see a “3-in-1” lux white round neck vests packed at the top, you can take one out of it.

ME: who owns it, you or henry?.

BIMPE: it belongs to me.

ME: ok ****i went to the wardrobe, picked the vest and changed my top****

BIMPE: ***gave me a polythene bag**** take this nylon and keep your cloth inside. Let’s go downstairs to the living room but you will have to wait while I excuse the security man away from the house.

ME: **** surprised**** excuse him out as how?, I don’t understand.

BIMPE: yesterday night around 8pm, I gave him money to get me a wine at the third street while I waited outside the compound till he returned. When he came back, I pointed at your car and I told him that you have gone but you would be coming back this morning to pick the car.

ME: hmmmmmmmm. Adebimpe!!!!!!!, you are a smooth criminal.

BIMPE: na you sabi. You can never trust those guys, he might start gossiping later.

ME: so, what will happen now?

BIMPE: you will wait in the living room while I send him out on an errand and then you will go out and hang around somewhere. When he is back, I will call you to come back so that you can officially knock on the gate and come in to take you car.

ME: ***chai!!!!!!!****

Bimpe put on a gown, wore a pant and we went out of her room to the living room. She peeped at Danielle’s room through the key hole and she was still sleeping. She later went out of the house and sent the security man on an errand while I left the house to hang around somewhere. About fifteen minutes later, she called me on phone to come and pick my car. I came back to the house, knocked on the gate and it was opened by the security man. I went straight to the car, drove it out of the house and I told the security man to greet her madam for me and tell her that I was in a hurry and that was why I couldn’t enter to see her. I got back home and I started reminiscing on what happened.


After a serious thanksgiving session on Sunday for not becoming a murderer and sent to jail because of Adebimpe, I got to work on Monday morning to resume duty as a permanent contract staff of the bank. At 10am, we were all summoned to the board/conference room for a briefing and We were all welcomed by the managements and we were been given some forms to fill and a copy of our offer letters was been collected from us. Five out of us were assigned to the other units of the bank entirely while the remaining five of us were retained to continue with the same role we were assigned to during the temporary contract period.
The five of us who are to retain our previous role was taking to a new office entirely to with systems and furniture’s fully provided, we were joined to the existing permanent contract staff in the same unit. As it was a continuation of the same thing we did in the past, no new training was giving to us. Our previous supervisor was still the same person assigned to supervise us. He just briefed us on our new tasks and assignments; he talked about our new daily targets and also talked about the process flow. He also told us to endeavor to approach other colleagues in the unit for more clarifications on anything that seemed unclear to us about the process as he reminded us that errors and mistakes i are big taboo in the bank which attracted serious sanctions.
We all began our assignment immediately as we logged in into the system with our previous login details. All through this period, there was no traces and sign of funmilayo because I didn’t see her all through the briefing period neither did I see her during the morning connect session. I picked up my phone and tried calling her number but it wasn’t connecting.
At 12pm which was break time, I left my new office and I decided to go round to visit other people I knew during the period of my temporary contract. I got to floor where Benita’s team was using before and the guys who are permanent contract staff on the same floor bombarded me with questions.
“Onihaxy, how is Benita?”
“Where is she now?”
“Is she still in Lagos?”
“Are you guys eventually dating now?”
“Has she gotten a new job?”
“Why wasn’t she retained?”
“You couldn’t save her while you were pressing buttons?”
“Why didn’t you tell your office mother to help her?”
The questions were coming from various angles and I answered the few I could answer while I ignored the rest. I spent like 5 minutes with them and left the floor for another floor to greet another set of people. Finally, I went to the floor where funmi’s office was situated of which I also worked on the same floor during my days of temporary contract. On opening the main door, the “gossip crew” welcomed me with their own version of questions.
“Heeeeeeee onihaxy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
“The one and only son of Query mama”
“How you dey?”
“Your mama really tried for you ooooo”
“For you to be retained among the multitude of temporary staffs”
“Why didn’t you resume here?
“We thought you would be coming back to work with us from this floor”
“Or your office mama no longer need your service?”
“What about Benita your wife?”
“Hope you are hearing from her?”
“Hope you guys are still together?”
“Why wasn’t she retained sef?”
They continued to fire questions at me and I answered the ones I could answer. I enquired about funmi from them and they gave me funny responses.
“So you want to tell us that you don’t know here whereabout?”
“Well, she has not been seen in the office today ”
“We were about to ask you whether she would still come today”
“Shebi you have her number?”
“Why didn’t you call her?”
“Or has she disowned you?”.
I just laughed at them as I left the floor and I went outside to the canteen closer to the bank to have my lunch and I returned to my new desk to continue with my task for the day. I continued this while having a gist along the line with my new co-workers. We talked about life and work during the period of the temporary contract, we talked about the girls who were boasting of been retained because they were rolling with big bosses and senior staffs. We laughed at their wasted sacrifices of free p—y they gave out to these senior colleagues. We also talked about the people who were doing eye services all in the name of appointment and we also laughed over it too.
At around 3pm, I was still on my desk, doing my work when our supervisor came inside the office, he walked towards me and said “onihaxy, you will be leaving this office today, you won’t be working from here anymore”. I was shocked and surprised by what he said. I began to wonder if I had done anything wrong, or probably an error was detected from my previous works. I asked him why he wanted to move me out of the new office and he replied me by saying “funmi arrived here like an hour ago, she said you should be moved away from this place and be moved back to her floor where you were working before”. I took a deep breath while my colleagues started clearing their throats “hmmm hmmm hmmm”.

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