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Mummy’s Advice, Son’s Love (Short Story)



MUMMY: Son, now that you’re going away from home to school where you ‘ll meet with different kinds of people.
The good and the bad ‘ll be there, and since I wouldn’t be there to look after you properly, please be careful, don’t keep bad company and stay away from girls; remember not to mixed up Love with your Education until you’re aged, Okay!
That was my mum’s advise before going to school but despite all her advise I couldn’t just stop loving her. It’s more like the love I had for her started growing the very moment she pured out her advise on me. And now hear the…
(phone conversation between Fridex & his Mum).
FRIDEX: hello mum, I know you don’t like it, to mixed love with my education but I just can’t help it, and I’m so-so sorry that I had to disobeyed you.
Mum, I know you ‘ll hate me by now for saying this to you but knowing how you had me in your womb with pains for nine (9) hell of months makes me Loved U Dearly especially now that I’m in school (saying in tears).
Besides, now that I’m in school; how do you think I’ll cope here if I choosed not to love you.
Mum, if not now, when?
I just can’t help it mum, you can call me names, beat me up when I comes back from school but please don’t tell me not to mixed love with my education especially now that I’m missing your smiles, food, the good time we had shared together with the family and mostly you.
MUMMY: (crying) oh Son, now you’re making mummy to cry.
FRIDEX: sorry mum, I didn’t meant to hurt you intentional.
MUMMY: No son, you didn’t. It’s tears of joy, I’m just too happy that you didn’t disobeyed me and ofcourse knowing that you could be courageous to say those soothing words caused me this tears.
FRIDEX: (to the readers) how many times have you made your loved ones shared tears of joy? If you haven’t done that before then start doing it now ‘cos you might not be opportuned later. And…
Besides, if I could make my mum shared TEARS of JOY in my own way I believed you can do same too and let’s make this world a better place for all of us.


Mummy’s Advice, Son’s Love (Short Story) by Fridex



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